Branding Photography

Branding Photography is beyond just headshots and who you are! I create and capture the images that tell your story,

your talent, your passion and your vision

for you your business to grow & succeed


I was looking for a professional photographer who could capture my passion for my business. I had heard friends who had used Shan for family photos and were super happy with her.

Those photos at my home are my favourites. It felt very personal and Shan guided me in an amazing way. She also helped with styling and the whole concept around it which I was very impressed by.

The photos I like the most are from my house. She made everything look so natural and professional. I wanted the feeling of an interior magazine but not too much and she definitely totally understood what I was asking for. She also captured a few with my family which I love.

I have used my photos on my website which I just released and are super happy with. I use a lot in social media and presentations I do for companies etc. I have so many nice photos that I can use for years ahead.

Shan is such a talent and a passionate Photographer. I was amazed by the result and I will definitely work with her again.

Interior Designer / Project Manager

Maria Bondegreen - Scandi Interior By Maja

@2020 Shan Fisher Photography

Shan has done a fabulous job for us.

As someone who is not a natural model, nor exactly fond of having his photo taken, this was not something I particularly looked forward to.

However, Shan's enthusiasm and skill made the process great fun, and the end results were even better than we'd hoped.

I am delighted that we took the decision to use Shan, and I would recommend other businesses to consider doing the same.

Chairman at Panacea, Non-Executive Director, Commercial Business Leader, Executive Coach and Business Mentor

Stuart Colligon  -  Auxesia / Panacea


I have been following Shan on Facebook for a couple of years because I really like her work. I also knew a few people who had worked with her and she came highly recommended so when I was advised by my PR agency to have some branding images taken for my website I knew immediately that I wanted Shan to take the photos.

Her style appealed to me as it’s simple, natural and elegant, extremely professional and of the highest quality.  This was exactly what I was looking for.  Shan’s attention to detail, her perfectionism and desire to create a beautiful aesthetic means that when it comes to this type of photography you’re in the best hands.

I’ve been a fan of Shan’s work for a while and so my favourite part of the shoot was meeting her.  A photoshoot can be nerve-wracking and stressful but Shan made me feel comfortable and confident so I very quickly got over my initial nerves and I had fun.

I didn’t intend to have any photos taken of me with my bags but Shan encouraged me to and I’m so pleased that she did.  I have used models in previous photoshoots for my website and so I am used to seeing other people with my bags.  I adore my bags and am extremely proud of my designs so when I see myself with them it makes me very happy.

Apparently 82% of consumers trust a company more when the founder uses social media and 77 % are more likely to buy from a company if the founder uses social media. I believe that people want to connect with other people and are able to relate to others when they see the face behind a company. I’ve realised how important it is that people know who I am and Shan’s brand photography creates a fabulous first impression.

Designer / Founder

Sally Russel - Russell Russell

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Branding Photo For Corporations

Isle of Man, British Isles

Branding Photos For Business

Isle of Man, British Isles

Scandi Interior by Maja Branding Photos

Isle of Man

Hello and welcome, I'm Shan,

As an entrepreneur myself and a photographer for more than 12 years, my aim is to create empowering branding imagery to help you build your brand and connect with your ideal customers.
Your personal branding is not just a logo or headshot. Your branding images convey your vision, your values and your brand story; and help you define your brand to the world.
Years experiences
Babies photographed
Weddings captured
Workshops Taught Since 2017

Step 1: Branding Consultation

I will send you the branding questionnaire before your Branding Creation.

Your branding questionnaires which include a short series of questions designed to help you clearly define the brand message you would like your brand images to convey.

It helps me to understand your bigger vision, your values, your goals and the lifestyle you want, so that what I create for you is an authentic reflection of you and your brand.


Step 2: Branding Photography Creation

From consultation to creation, I work closely with you to discover your unique brand value and style.

Your Branding Photography Creation sessions can be in-person or Zoom. Getting to know you is a critical step in creating your bespoke signature brand images.

We discuss the mood, feeling and visual style that best represents your brand and work collaboratively to create the photos that present your brand value.

We work closely together to design a branding strategy plan to help you to stand out from your market and connect with your ideal clients.

Step 3: Bespoke Branding Photoshoot

I will collaborate with you about every detail of your upcoming brand photoshoot experience.

Everything about your brand photography is crafted just for you and your business: the style, the location, the props, the lighting, and the mood.


Step 4: Build your dream website

My team and I will collaborate with our experienced graphic designer and website designer to create your brand and your website for you to stand out, bring your vision to life and deliver your value to the world to reach more ideals clients.

Branding logo, graphic & website start from £1557.

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level?

Premium Branding Collection

  • Photographer style, talent & experience
  • Bespoke branding bespoke images for website, gallery, e-marketing & business profile
  • Branding photography creation session
  • Multiple locations photoshoots
  • 60 Bespoke Branding images
  • Add on images option

Classic Branding Collection

  • Photographer style, talent & experience
  • Bespoke branding bespoke images for website, gallery, e-marketing & business profile
  • Branding photography creation session
  • Two locations photoshoots
  • 30 Bespoke Branding images
  • Add on images option

Petite Branding Collection

  • Photographer style, talent & experience
  • Bespoke Branding images for e-marketing, social media marketing, website and business profiles
  • Branding photography creation session
  • One location shoot
  • 1 hour photoshoot
  • 6 Bespoke Branding images
  • Add on images option

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