About Shan

‘‘When you believe in yourself, anything is possible.’’

I wanted to become an artist when I was 6

I have never forgotten the magical moment when I visited my first art gallery in China when I was 6. It felt like every beautiful painting was coming to life, and the gorgeous art in this wonderland was surrounding me. I wanted to live in this magical moment forever.

I told my mother I wanted to become an artist, and create beautiful art for the rest of my life. I remember she said ‘Whatever your dreams are as long as you put your hard work into them, they will come true.’

Everything I am today is because of her loving energy, believing in me and encouraging me to explore my talents and imagination. She believed in me long before I ever permitted myself to believe in myself.

Life can be so cruel.

My mother died of cancer when I was only 13.

There isn’t a day that passes when my beautiful mother doesn't cross my mind & soul. I treasure each and every photograph of her. There is a place in my heart my mother holds, filled with loving memories and warm, loving energy that comes into every aspect of my blessed life...

My father had a more practical approach to life and wanted his daughters to have a secure financial future. He encouraged my sister and me to focus on academics with the hope that we would become either doctors, lawyers or accountants and live a ‘successful life’.



My dreams of travelling and education led me to a school of economics in the Isle of Man I studied to become an accountant, but I had no interest in working with numbers. I found a job working as a marketing assistant. I purchased my first house when I was 22 years old, enjoying financial freedom and travelling. I thought that what a successful life means.

But every single day there was a voice inside my heart saying, ‘Shan, is this what you want to do for the rest of your life?’

Was there a job out there in the big wide world that I would ever be passionate about?

In 2003, I joined the local photography society.. I bought a simple digital camera and spent most of my days off creating photos. It gave me so much joy! Surprisingly, I was winning the monthly competitions and awarded the grand champion of the photographer of the year.


The voice inside my heart was saying I want to become an artist, but the voice of my father was also there, telling me that I can't make a living as an artist.


I was scared to make a wrong decision; I was worried I would fail. One day my manager told me'' Shan, I don't think you have passion for your job.'' That hit me hard. I was a hard worker and I completed all my duties in a professional manner, but I didn't understand what passion meant. Was there a job in the world that I could be passionate about?


Every day I questioned myself. Should I be appreciative for everything I had? Some people didn't even have jobs.


During that time, I met and fell in love with David (now my husband). I knew he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I still wanted to travel and further my education as well as becoming a photographer. I asked him if he would join me if quit my job to become a photographer and move to London? He told me I should follow my dreams, that his life was on the Island. I felt sad and lost.


So I took the leap of faith... and jumped

I took a leap of faith. In 2007 I decided to quit my job, sold my house and followed my dreams to become who I was born to be. I knew I had to make this decision for better or worse. Even if I failed, I would know that I had tried and done my best. I wouldn't regret it.


I always wanted to experience life at university and have my own company.

I set up Shan Fisher Photography and went to study Marketing and Management at Royal Holloway, University of London.


The change in my life was hard at the beginning. There were so many unknowns.  I invested the money I had from selling my house into my photography company. I went from financial freedom to relying on student grants from the government. I served at restaurants during weekends to get extra funding.

But, at least I had my camera in my hand & could be creative, so I was happy.

I learned how to master lighting, camera settings, posing, and all kinds of skills by studying and practising taking photos of my friends, family, or anyone.


I was drawn to the natural, classic and timeless style! I soon developed my signature style, that’s how I see beauty through my art.


On Christmas Day, David proposed to me.


David proposed to me on Christmas day while I was on one of my visits back to the Isle of Man. He told me he wanted me to follow my heart and whatever decision I made he would be by my side. I returned to the Isle of Man after I graduated. We were married in 2009, and we became parents in 2013. We are now living in this beautiful little island in the Irish sea called the Isle of Man with our two little boys

My main goal was to have a beautiful studio space where I could welcome my clients and make them feel at home


I continue to upgrade my skills, I often attend international workshops to enable me to innovate and deliver the best for my clients. It’s also a great excuse to travel!


When I started, I was lugging all my photography gear to and from clients' homes for baby photos. I started working from the corner of my bedroom in 2013, when I had my first son.


I photographed newborn, baby, maternity, and even cake smash sessions (I can’t even think about how messy that was!). I believe my clients come to me because they trust me to create beautiful photos and memorable experiences for them.


My dream was to have a beautiful studio space filled with natural light, where I would be able to welcome my clients and make them feel at home, ready to relax and enjoy their photoshoots.

But for me, nothing touches my heart more than capturing people's precious moments, creating those timeless & emontional storytelling photographs of their lives!


I was the winner of the AFNS, an international competition for photographers in the field of Newborn and Maternity photography along with many other international photography awards such as The Portrait Master and RISE Awards.

My wedding photography has been featured in many international magazines and wedding blogs worldwide.

In 2019 I was selected to be one of the teachers of the international Newborn Photography Community.

Today my clients entrust me to capture their precious moments. My students travel from far and wide to my little island to learn from me.


I am living my dream and be doing something that I am passionate about every single day, running my successful photography business and enjoying time with my family, my two little boys and husband.



A little inspiration

My success is not only due to the dedication and hard work I put into my business every day, but also the education I have gained by investing in myself. I am grateful for all the mentors and educators who have shared their knowledge, skills, and experiences with me, enabling me to learn and grow.


Many people ask me how I achieved my dreams and success in business and in life. I see many new business owners facing the same challenges I had when I set up my business. I knew it was now time to share my knowledge, skills, and entrepreneurial experiences to make a difference in other people's lives, and to inspire them to achieve their dreams.


''Dreams are dreams until you wake up and make them real''

A little about me.

  • I belong to the Ocean. The Ocean always gives inner peace.
  • My Chinese name Hoi Shan means Ocean Coral. Please call me Shan.
  • My favourite food is seafood.
  • I live on a beautiful little island surrounded by the beautiful Irish sea.
  • All my favourite places to the holiday are by the sea.
  • I was a ballet and ballroom dancer.
  • I love cooking and love hosting dinner parties with friends at home.