Scandi Interior by Maja Branding Photos

I have been working with this talented and fabulous Swedish interior designer Maria Bondegreen from Scandi Interiors by Majato create beautiful Branding photos for her business. It was great to see the result on her beautiful new website designed by Darren Barklie from Craft Applied.

I love working with creative entrepreneurs and beyond capturing headshots for them. I love capturing who they are and creating amazing photos for their brands.

Maria’s branding images tell her story, her talent, her passion, and her vision! She is truly amazing!

If you would like to know more about what my team (stylists, graphic designer, website designer, social media export, and business coaching) and I can help you to take your business a big leap, please get in touch with me!

Maria thank you for entrusting me to create your branding images, you inspire my art and bring my vision came to life. I look forward to working with you for more projects together.

Thank you Ellie May Ramsey for the beautiful makeup

Check out new website