Branding Photos For Business

Branding Photography is beyond just headshot and who you are. I create and capture the images that tell your story, your talent, your passion and your vision, for your business to grow & succeed!


”Shan had very positive review from previous clients and a wide-ranging portfolio of photos of exceptional quality. She dedicated herself to getting the best out of the photoshoot and was very flexible and easy to work with. My Branding photos have added that extra class to the website and promotional material. I will be pleased to work with her again in the near future.” Mark McKelvie – Dr. McKelvie

”Shan’s a terrific photographer. She’s able to capture a person’s personality while still making them look their best. From start to finish, the day was fun and non-stressful. It became a bit of a team-building day, with all of us laughing with each other. ” – Lydia Barbara – Curbsy



Isle of Man, British Isles


Sally Russel – Russel Russel 
Kirsty Lawrence – Mann Social
Mark Mckelvie – Dr. McKelvie