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‘’We chose Shan Fisher Photography because of the style and aesthetic of the pictures. Furthermore, when we had our initial planning call, Shan was so friendly and enthusiastic, and it felt as though she really understood our vision and brand.

The gallery was incredible, and it was so difficult to pick our favourites. We had to do this over a few days to make sure the photos picked were the ones that told Lyph Lab’s story.

Our entire day was amazing, the team we had was generally quite shy in front of the camera, but Shan made it so easy and comfortable.

The time passed so quickly that we didn’t even realise how long we’d been going for until we were hungry. “We could tell from the first meeting with Shan that she loves what she does, her passion and creativity was apparent throughout the day, and I cannot recommend her enough.”

Haafizah Hoosen / Co-founder | Lyph Lab

As an entrepreneur myself and a photographer for more than 14 years, my passion for branding photography is to create empowering branding imagery for businesses to build their brand, convey their vision, their values and their brand story to the world.

I had an amazing time working with Haafizah and her team. Let’s get to know the vision and brand story of Lyph Lab

Lyph Lab brings every part of you together through science and nature. They explore the middle ground, allowing you to be the best version of yourself using education, evidence, nutrition, research and love.

Co-founder Haafizah said as a scientist herself, she is very aware of the false claims that diets, nutritionists, products make, luring clients and customers into a false sense of security and trust.

She’d spent countless days explaining that fad diets and products are not the solutions. That habit changing, consistency and life outlook were much more important.

She wants to bring their products and services to the market to combat the misinformation readily available.

The company wants their clients to feel comfortable and secure in themselves and their choices, knowing WHY they are making them and HOW this will impact their lives.

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