Our New Pets

I’m so excited to introduce our new pets to you – Debbie, Cheeky, and Betsy the chickens. ????????????????????

The boys love animals and have been asking for pets for years. I grew up with lots of animal pets and I understand how lovely it is to have pets. Instead of dogs or cats, I decided to have chickens as most of the time I’m working from my home studio. So I surprised the boys with their chicken pets.

James named his spotty chicken Debbie, Aaron named his black coloured chicken Cheeky and the grey one, Betsy, is mine

The boys are so excited and loved their first pet and learning how to take care of them.

James is making sure to let them out first thing in the morning and lock them in at night. Aaron is making sure they have got enough food and water.

It looks like I’m the one who has to clean up. James and Aaron love to collect their eggs every day. ????????