Baby Photography Inspiration

​I believe you’re sitting there right now wondering how your little baby has grown so quickly!​

Baby photography is so important and it’s true because in that first year your baby changes more than they ever will again! ❤ ????​

I photographed Rebekah Snell & Mark’s wedding 5 years ago. It’s my privilege to photograph their new family ???? I adore meeting their gorgeous baby Grayson. ​

Greyson is 7 months old and it’s the best age for baby photography because he’s starting to show his personality and discovering so many new skills.​

There’s absolutely nothing better! He loved sitting up on his own, which is super cute as it shows off all of his adorable baby rolls. ​

”I have recently had Shan shoot our 7-month-old baby as I wanted to capture photos when he has his cheeky personality.​

I chose Shan as she photographed our wedding 5 years ago and we absolutely loved every single photo she took and her persona is beautiful and makes you feel relaxed and natural and very professional.​

On arrival, Shan was so welcoming into her home studio which is gorgeous and the perfect setting for the shoot. ​

I absolutely loved how the whole shoot was so natural and captured our baby just enjoying his best life, with cute little wooden toys which were available to use.​

I have received the photos back really quickly and I can honestly say I am in love with them and couldn’t ask for anything more. Would highly recommend Shan to anyone!” ​ – Rebekah Snell​

Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean so much to me ❤​